Person County Pancake Jamboree!

On Saturday December 7, 2019 we were out as a family doing a little shopping.  My wife wanted to buy a pillow for her back so she could sit up and watch Tv comfortably in the bed.  After picking up a few things from the Rose’s in Roxboro we were all ready to eat.

Thanks to my wife buying the local newspaper we found out that there was a pancake jamboree at our local High School.  At the time we had never been to the High School and had to actually look up directions.

black textile
Photo by Pedro Sandrini on

Once at the High School I was shocked to see so many cars.  It was clear  that this was a popular event.  For $21 we were able to eat as many pancakes and sausages as we wanted.  I’m happy we attended the Person County Pancake Jamboree held by the Kiwanis Club  because all profits benefit Person County!

Sponsors of the event
Sponsors of the event


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